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rebate, partial refund of the total price paid for goods or services. In the United States, rebates were historically given by railroads to favored shippers as a return on transpo

Rebate, retroactive refund or credit given to a buyer after he has paid the full list price for a product or for a service such as transportation. Rebating was a common pricing tactic during the 19th century and was often used by large industrialists to preserve or extend their power by

rebate acknowledgement: per trec all cash rebates are subject to the consent of the clients via a buyer or seller representation agreement where the rebate amounts and terms of our services are mutually agreed upon. with written disclosure from all parties. all.

Online rebate processing is now available! Just complete the product registration form and your rebate will automatically be submitted for processing! Submit Rebate. If you prefer to submit a paper rebate form, please submit your rebate documentation to the following address: Fluidra, Rebates 2882 Whiptail Loop # 100 Carlsbad, CA 92010

rebate definition: The definition of a rebate is a discount given to a customer at the time of purchase, or money sent to a customer after they’ve paid the full price. (noun) An example of a rebate is a 10% discount on a cell phone at the time of pu.

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All rebate claims are subject to audit.: Toutes les demandes de remboursement peuvent faire l’objet d’une vérification.: The federal rebate factor for municipalities is 100%.: Le facteur de remboursement de la partie fédérale pour les municipalités est de 100 %.: Expanded zero-rating and rebate provisions for exported goods and services.: Élargissement de la détaxation et des.

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Rebate Discount; diminution of interest on capital lent in consideration of prompt repayment thereof; reduction of a stipulated charge that is not credited in advance but is returned subsequent to payment in full. A tax rebate is a sum of money refunded to a taxpayer after full payment of the tax has been made. West’s Encyclopedia of American Law.

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